Implement your lighting system without the upfront cost. We install and maintain your lighting systems for a fixed monthly fee.


Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is our way of providing the option to implement your lighting system on a service basis. We install and maintain the complete system without any upfront costs. For a fixed monthly fee, we make sure the lights always perform as required while you focus on your core business

The World of Light Is In A Revolution

Environments are gaining dynamism with digitalization

Since the invention of the LED, light is becoming more effective and efficient. The end of this rapid technological revolution is still far away. But despite all the dynamism, it is still possible to keep pace with technology - without investing in fixed assets or other resources.

Only pay for the services


Investing in Lighting as a Service protects you from a loss in asset value because the basis of our service is not about selling luminaires, but about guaranteeing future lighting performance. 


With LaaS, you will get the most efficient solution of the day. Our lighting specialists will regularly perform on-site inspections to ensure optimal operation. 

Companies Benefiting from LaaS

A Proven Model!


Join the companies who are already profiting from the benefits of LaaS.

Contact us to find out how LaaS can work for your business.


LEDSUR is an end-to-end lighting provider, specialized in using our expert knowledge to offer our clients the fullest range of services related to lighting systems and solutions. 


Our services cover the entire spectrum of the lighting process, starting at the conceptualization and design and further extends to engineering, implementation, maintenance, and optimization of commercial, industrial and architectural lighting systems. 



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