Suriname's International Aiport Implements Energy Efficient Smart Street Lighting System

Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport I Zanderij - Suriname

Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport of Suriname is located in the town of Zanderij, 45km south of the capital city, Paramaribo. It's the country's main international gateway and is operated by Airport Management Limited (AML). Theis mission is to manage, exploit and sustainably develop safe and customer-oriented airports in Suriname. 

With a strategic vision to reach one million passengers by 2033, the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport is constantly working to improve its efficiency, infrastructure and customer experience. 

As part of this commitment, LEDSUR was asked to evaluate their outdoor lighting. The project began with a detailed study of the current lighting system. Based on the finding of that study, LEDSUR created a new lighting design and implemented a system that increased energy efficiency by 70%, improved customer experience, and increased general road safety.


With smart lighting controls also installed, the airport can track energy usage, troubleshoot issues and schedule their lighting to use it on demand, which further increases efficiency. 

The project was implemented using LEDSUR's Lighting as a Service which meant that AML did not have to make the initial investment to implement this system. As part of the service contract, LEDSUR will ensure that the new lighting system always performs as promised, allowing AML to focus on their core business and strategic goals. 



Industry: Aviation

Location: Zanderij, Suriname

Services: Lighting as a Service