Enhanced Customer Experience Through Retail Lighting Solutions

Optiek Ninon Meerzog I Paramaribo - Suriname


Optiek Ninon is an optic-specialist store with over 40years of experience. With 3 stores located in Paramaribo, 1 in Wanica, and 1 in Nickerie, Optiek Ninon added yet another store to its portfolio in the district of Commewijne, Suriname. Being an optic-specialist, a well-lit environment is crucial for providing an optimal customer experience. With this being so, Optiek Ninon identified the need to implement sufficient lighting systems which would complement its clean aesthetic and increase its energy efficiency - and LEDSUR was the solution provider! 


In order to enhance the customer experience, LEDSUR installed a LED lighting system which provides a well-lit environment and creates emphasis on its displayed products.  With Lighting as a Service, Optiek Ninon can fully rely on LEDSUR to keep its lighting system at optimal performance while it focuses on its core business. 




Industry: Retail

Location: Commewijne, Suriname

Services: Lighting as a Service